Safety Starts With Us

Let’s make riding to school as safe as it should be.

‘Safety Starts with Us’ is a road safety initiative envisioned by Eicher. Our aim is to make safe travel to school possible for every child, no matter where he or she is.

With this objective in mind we initiated the dynamic VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (VECV) – a 50:50 Joint Venture between Volvo Group (Volvo) & Eicher Motors Limited(EML), which brings together global leadership in technology & understanding of the Indian CV market. Leveraging each other’s strengths, we have developed a complete range of buses, to address all safety and comfort needs. When it comes to school buses, Eicher gets an A+ as evidenced from our yet unmatched 37 safety features, which create a national benchmark in bus safety norms.

However, even though our buses are the safest it will never be enough unless children understand the dangers of today’s chaotic roads and learn to follow rules. Which is why, the SAFETY STARTS WITH US program is an absolute need in schools across India. This program is designed to sensitise school children to the hazards of modern day roads, erratic traffic and and educate them on safe and responsible travel.

As we go to schools to teach children bus etiquettes, we make them in charge of their own safety. We also understand that in order to make rules appealing to children we must go the extra mile. This is why we have created Buddy – our Road Safety Mascot – along with his friend, Toto-the-Tiger. These mascots will take the children on a fun filled yet educational journey.

We also provide driver training where we sensitise school bus drivers towards traffic and child safety. Over time we plan to initiate more active and on-going engagement with students, schools and drivers. The program is designed not only to keep children safe, but also to empower people into becoming responsible citizens who can be powerful partners in making our roads safer.

In order to succeed, the program will require wholehearted participation from schools and parents. your support can take us a long way. And we have only just begun!

Safety Starts With EICHER SCHOOL BUS

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